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Digital Signage Tools


Web-Based Console

Publisher Access

Level Management



Desktop Shortcut

To Send Alerts

Send Alerts

To Email

Scrolling Alerts for

Unobtrusive Internal


Push Instant Branded Visual Communications On Any Device

Create and Deploy

Surveys and



Desktop Tickers

Exclusive XComms

External Push Button


Mobile APP,

Email And SMS

The XComms Advantage

Customized Solutions

• FREE BRANDING… Anything employee facing is branded free with your logos and colors. This includes alert templates, desktop app and mobile app.

• Full Reporting Tools

• Messaging Scheduling and Recurrence Tools.

ScreenSaver Tools

To Display Key


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deskalerts Communication Tools

Suite of DeskAlerts communication tools to ensure essential communication is immediately visible on any device instantly.

Deploy Alerts

From Office



Pop-Up Alerts

With a personal and professional understanding of how crucial effective internal communication is to organizations of any size, XComms offers tools that cast an extremely wide net for internal communication and will significantly increase accountability across all organizational levels. 

One Click






Direct to Screen

Pop Up Alerts.

Fully customizable.

In addition to the feature packed solutions that XComms offers, companies of any size will have access to additional tools that will not only provide effective employee communication but also will allow for anyone to do it as easily, effectively and quickly as possible!

Push Communication

Directly to Computer


Event RSVP


Instant Digital

Signage Tools

Financial Flexibility

• One Time Fee!

• No Mandatory Recurring Costs.

• NOT Subscription or Leased Based Purchase.

• FREE LOCAL HOSTING….No Server Licensing Fees.​

Social Media

Update Tool


Directory Sync

We’d love to speak with you about your specific internal communication needs and show you how using the DeskAlerts XComms internal communication solutions will have an immediate impact on every level of your organization.

RSS Newsfeed


DeskAlerts Communication Made Simple

Management Tools

Customer Support

• Best in class U.S. Based and Overseas technical support available.

• FREE Training included.

• FREE Setup support included

XComms Direct Desktop Alert Software Solutions For Improved Employee Internal Communications © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Best in Class Suite of Internal Communication Tools For Employee Notifications Guaranteeing 100% Awareness.

Full Tracking and Reporting


​Instant ​Alerts

Guaranteed Instant Awareness of What Matters Most, When it Matters Most!

Technical Advantages

• Up and running in a matter of hours.

• No ongoing IT maintenance needed.

• Locally Hosted Free

• Sync With Active Directory

• Minimal System Requirements

• Sync with AD

• Deploy in any environment

Instant Notifications To Any Device!

Excellence In Communication