Use employee notification systems to instantly send out employee notifications through various flexible notification channels so your key employee messages will never be ignored, pushed to the side or deleted!!

Secure and Relaible

...Send instant scrolling ticker alerts directly to computer screens...

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Instant Notifications To Any Device!

With XComms not only is your system owned and branded with your logos but there are absolutely No mandatory recurring fees. 

Employee Notification Systems will sync with your own company's active directory and can be up and running in a couple of hours. Easy to follow install wizards and absolutely no dedicated equipment needed.

Easy To Use

​Privacy Commitment
We are committed to protecting your privacy. Under no circumstance will your information be disclosed to any third party or be disseminated in any way.
Any information submitted will be protected unconditionally. 

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Easy To Deploy

Using employee notification systems is as easy as composing an email.  From a web-based console administrator(s) can easily design and deploy instant desktop notifications.

XComms offers The Most affordable / Multi-Channel employee notification system in its industry that enables any size company to own their own employee notification system, host it locally and securely and all without the obligation of paying mandatory recurring fees beyond their initial purchase.

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With speed, reliabilty and security in mind XComms includes a locally hosted solution without any additional costs for server licensing or hosting fees

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A Complete Solution For Internal Communications

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