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Have your most important communications rise above the everyday noise created by overused and ineffective communication tools


Push Your Branded Visual Communications and engage employees on desktop, mobile and common area screens

One of the Best things about XComms...                     ...Is EVERYTHING You Can Do With It!

One of the Best things about XComms...                     ...Is EVERYTHING You Can Do With It!

Best in Class Suite of Internal Communication Tools For Employee Notifications Guaranteeing 100% Awareness.

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Desktop Scrolling Tickers

The non-intrusive scrolling ticker crawls a headline across any computer screen creating immediate  awareness without being invasive or disrupting workflow.

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Desktop Pop-Up Alerts

Pop-Up Alerts sent directly to employee desktops and mobile devices will guarantee that all communications are immediately noticed with 100% trackable readership.

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Screen Saver Management

Manage your entire internal screen saver process, create stunning visuals  and promote your messaging from a single place to improve awareness.

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Manage Desktop Wallpaper

The Corporate Wallpaper Management Tool allows you to rotate key information and publish important information directly to screens creating more awareness.

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Locked Screen Backgrounds

Take advantage of idle screens by pushing your stunning visual messaging to any computer, across any network with just a few simple clicks.

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Interactive Benchmarking

A flexible and easy to use employee engagement tool that gives you the ability to perform deep analysis and benchmark learning objectives and results in real time.

Financial Flexibility

• Flexible Payment Plans, Annual, One-Time Fees, Monthly

• No Mandatory Recurring Costs on Selected Plans

• NOT Subscription or Leased Based Purchase.

• Free Web Hosting

• ONLY pay for licenses and tools, everything else is INCLUDED

Customized Solutions

• FREE BRANDING… Anything employee facing is branded free with your logos and colors

• Full Reporting Tools by Alert Type, Content Manager, User Name, Computer Name and More

• Messaging Scheduling and Recurrence Tools

• UNLIMTED Content Managers

• Swap your logo on your own ANYTIME you want

Technical Advantages

• Up and running in minutes

• NO ongoing IT maintenance needed.

• Azure Cloud Hosted FREE

• SYNC With Active Directory Free

• MINIMAL System Requirements

• Deploy in ANY environment

• RESPONSIVE App For Best In Class Experience

Support Services

• BEST in class U.S. Based and Overseas technical support available. 24X7

• UNLIMTED Administrator Training included.


• UNLIMTED Content Manager Training included.

• FREE Setup support included

• FASTEST response times

• Customer FIRST Attitude

Management Tools

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Active Directory Sync

Sync with your active directory easily and expedite deployment to enhance usability. Sync Users, groups, organizational units and computers  across unlimited domains.

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Full Reporting

Comprehensive Analytics

XComms can track activity from the alert type, end user and content managers and can easily be exported into a csv file for further analysis in other programs including Microsoft Excel.

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Administrative Tools

Back End Management

From creating profiles, assigning privileges, running syncs, setting defaults and more; assigned System Administrators will have complete control of their XComms Platform. 

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Content Managers

Unlimited Content Managers

Unlike the competition XComms will Not charge customers for additional Content Managers or Permission Policies. 

In addition, training is also unlimited.


XComms Access

Permissions and Policies

Create custom policies that will ultimately control which tools Content Managers are allowed to use , who they are allowed to target and what they are allowed to view.

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Support and Platform

Enjoy unlimited technical expertise , unlimited training and a comprehensive knowledge base at no extra cost guaranteeing your experience with XComms is second to none!


Any Business Type

  • General Office Communications

  • Hospital Internal Communications

  • Crisis Communications

  • Call Center Agent Updates

  • Customer Service Notifications

  • Executive Communications

  • Internal Newsletters

Any Communication

  • Outage Alerts Communications

  • Design And  Save IT Outage Templates

  • Compliance and Policy Updates

  • Improve Employee Engagement

  • Help Desk Tools For Instant Awareness

  • Surveys and Quizzes With Real Time Analytics

  • Internal Marketing

Cut Through Tools

  • On-Screen Pop-Up Alerts

  • Desktop Scrolling Headlines

  • Push to Common Area Screens

  • Screensaver Management

  • Wallpaper Backgrounds

  • Locked Screen Backgrounds

  • Digital Signage


In addition to the feature packed solutions that XComms offers, companies of any size will have complete access to additional tools that will not only improve employee communication but also will allow for anyone to do it as easily, effectively and quickly as possible!


Our Technology

Developed with the most innovative, responsive and intuitive technology available; XComms is the easiest to use, most affordable and advanced internal communication solution in its class.