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Are Your Messages Breaking Through?

Cut through the clutter and engage everyone seamlessly across Desktops, Mobile devices, and Common area screens!


Communicate via pop-ups, scrolling tickers, screensavers, wallpapers, lock screen backgrounds,

and Guarantee 100% Instant Awareness!

How Would You Like To Get Employees' Attention Today?

One of the Best things about XComms...                 

...Is EVERYTHING You Can Do With It!




XComms Interal Communications Platform desktop alert software

Screensavers, Wallpaper, Locked Screen Tools

Desktop Pop-Ups and Scrolling Ticker Headlines

Instant Alerts With Desktop Shortcut or Push Button

Desktop alert software for employee communication

Experience Communication Without Limits With XComms

XComms includes all the tools you need to enhance visibility, streamline messaging, and reach your employees wherever they are.




Cut Through the Clutter And Rise Above Everything For Instant Awareness

Desktop Pop Up Alerts



Guarantee Awareness Without Disrupting Workflow

Desktop Scrolling Ticker Alerts

Desktop Alert Software - Boost Your Communication and Productivity



Prevent User Change, Set Inactive Time and Enable Lock/Unlock Options For Screensavers




Screensaver locked screen and wallpaper background management system

XComms sets the standard to have your most essential communications rise above the everyday noise created by overused and ineffective communication tools with its best-in-class desktop alert software


Desktop Pop Up Alerts

Available as Add On

Scrolling Ticker Alert Software

Available as Add On

Screensaver Management Tool

Available as Add On

Coporate Wallpaper Management

Available as Add On

Employee Quiz Maker Tools

Available as Add On

Streamline Your Communications with Desktop Alert Software


Best in Class Suite of Internal Communication Tools For Employee Notifications Guaranteeing 100% Awareness.

Desktop Pop-Up Alerts


Pop-Up Alerts sent directly to employee desktops and mobile devices will guarantee that all communications are immediately noticed with 100% trackable readership.

  • Brand with your logo

  • Use any content

  • Sent to any position on the screen

  • Target Any User, Group, or Device

  • Send To Any Screen

  • Send From Any Device

Pop Angle Right.png

Desktop Alert Software for Efficient Communication and Faster Response

Ai for internal communications
Desktop Pop up alerts
Scrolling Ticker alerts on desktop computers

Scrolling Ticker Alerts


The non-intrusive scrolling ticker crawls a headline across any computer screen creating immediate awareness without being invasive or disrupting workflow.

  • Brand with your logo

  • Use any content

  • Send to the top, middle, or bottom of the screen

  • Target Any User, Group, or Device

  • Send To Any Screen

  • Send From Any Device

Ticker Straight.png
Ai Tools for employee messaging

Real-Time Notifications with Desktop Alert Software

Screensaver Management


Manage your entire internal screen saver process, create stunning visuals, and promote your messaging from a single place to improve awareness.

  • Upload Image(s), video or PowerPoint

  • User change prevention options

  • Option to force the user to unlock

  • SET Idle (inactive) time

  • Send To Any Screen

  • Send From Any Device

Corporate Screensaver Management Tools
Wallpaper Management Tools Enterprise

Manage Desktop Wallpaper


The Corporate Wallpaper Management Tool allows you to rotate key information and publish important information directly to screens creating more awareness.

Wallpaper Straight.png

Locked Screen Backgrounds


Take advantage of idle screens by pushing your stunning visual messaging to any computer's locked screen background, across any network with just a few simple clicks.

Locked Screen Right Angle.png
Locked Screen Management For Domain Users
Employee Surveys For Engagement

Interactive Benchmarking


A flexible and easy-to-use employee engagement tool that gives you the ability to perform deep analysis and benchmark learning objectives and results in real-time.

  • On-Screen Quiz Pop-Ups

  • On-Screen Survey Pop-Ups

  • Get results in real time

  • Multi-Question Formats

  • Send immediately, schedule or set expirations

Quiz Left Angle.png

Instant On-Demand Alerting


Instantly send mass notification and emergency message alerts via Push Panic Buttons, Desktop Shortcuts, Exclusive Nexus Alert Hub, Web tool, or Mobile device.

  • Send As Pop-Up Alert

  • Send As Full-Screen Alert

  • Send As Scrolling Ticker Alert

  • Send To Any Screen

  • Send From Any Device

XComms On Demand Instant Emergency Alerts
Desktop Alert Software for Instant Communication and Increased Efficiency
Emergency Employee Alerts Panic Button
Emergency alert deployment hardware hub

Nexus Alert Hub


Eliminate the need to create alerts as you go because sometimes...well there is just no time!


Trigger your pre-designed alerts to deploy to your pre-determined recipients with a push of a key on your alert control board. 

  • Assign any XComms alert to your desired key

  • Customize your illuminated key icon with any graphic or animated gif image

Emergency Alert Deployment Hub

Desktop Panic Button


Quickly and Easily Notify Anyone of an Emergency in Real Time with a Simple Push of a Button


The process is easy, you create the alert, select the recipients, assign it to a button or create a desktop shortcut and that’s it.

  • Assign any XComms alert to your button

  • Customize led colors for each button

  • Assign a long press function to avoid accidental alert trigger

Alert Panic Button
Desktop panic button for emergency alerts
Desktop alert software mobile app

XComms On The Go App


Assign your XComms alerts to a mobile app and allow individuals you approve to have the ability to trigger XComms alerts with a simple tap of an icon.


The XComms app is free to use with the XComms On Demand. 

Use Your Own:

  • Backgrounds

  • Icons

  • Logos

  • One-touch alert triggers

Send alert from mobile device for business emergency alerting

Corporate Communication Management Tools

In addition to the feature-packed solutions for company communication software that XComms offers, companies of any size will have complete access to additional tools that will not only improve employee communication but also allow anyone to do it as easily, effectively, and quickly as possible!

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