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XComms Nexus Alert Hub
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XComms Nexus

XComms Exclusive Programmable Alert Hub

The Fastest
Just Got Faster

Instantly Trigger Any Alert With Just A Tap

XComms Emergency Alert Hub
Nexus Alert Hub From XComms

The Fastest Way To Send Any Alert

When you create an alert with XComms there are several methods to deploy your alerts. The Nexus is the newest and fastest.

When you press a key on your Nexus Alert Hub your alert will automatically be deployed and delivered to the recipients you assigned to the alert when you created it in XComms.
And to avoid an accidental trigger, alerts are programmed with a long press function. Meaning you would have to hold the key down for a couple of seconds before 

XComms Alert Panel Nexus


Nexus Icon
Program XComms Nexus Alerts

It Couldn't Be Any Easier. 

Once you have created your alert with XComms:

  1. Open your Nexus programming app

  2. Assign your alert to any desired Nexus Key

  3. Customize Your Key Icon With any graphic or animated gif

And Done!

IT'S Set Up

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XComms Nexus Sideview
XComms Nexus
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Intuitively And
Elegantly Designed

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