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Instant Alerts To Any Screen or Device

Send Urgent Alerts To Any Screen By:

  • PUSHING A Physical Button

  • Clicking A Desktop Shortcut

  • Using Any Mobile Device

  • Using Your Web Tool

Panic Button
Desktop Shortcut for instant alerts
Deploy Emergency Alert From Smart Phone
Send emergency alerts with XComms
Mass Notification Emergency Panic Buttons
Emergency Push Button
Emergency Alert Desktop Shortcut

Instantly send mass notifications and emergency message alerts via Push Panic Buttons, Desktop Shortcuts, web tool or mobile devices.

Send as Desktop Pop-Up Alert, Scrolling Headline Tickers, and Full Screen Alerts To Any Screen or Device

XComms On Deman Emergency Alerts With Panic Push Button

The fastest mass notification solution just got even faster!!


Panic Button & Mass Notification Systems for Emergency Response

Desktop Panic Buttons with Keyboard Shortcuts

With XComms Instant Alerts, you can quickly and easily notify your employees of an emergency in real-time with a simple push of a button.


In addition to the alert button, you can also send mass notifications and warn employees of critical situations by clicking a desktop shortcut.


XComms On Demand alerting is perfect for every business because it provides an immediate warning to staff about threats and other emergencies in the workplace.


XComms instant alerting tools allow you to save valuable time by providing rapid emergency alerting for urgent situations that require immediate action on your part or to get in touch with authorities all with a click of a desktop shortcut or a push of a button.

Send Active Shooter Alert With Push Button

With XComms, you can:

- Instantly notify employees of an emergency situation with a single click of a desktop shortcut or push of a button

- Safely alert employees while they're away from the office in the event it s not safe to come back

- Protect yourself and others by ensuring your company has a plan in place to handle emergencies

Panic Button Alerts For Active Shooter S
Push Button Alert

Mass Notification Emergency Panic Button

When it comes to your organization, your employees are your business and safety is key. That's why we offer the XComms Instant Alert Tool for the fastest emergency communications that you can trigger from a desktop shortcut or a physical push button.


Use the XComms On Demand tool to send instant notifications and alerts that let your staff know about an emergency situation, even if they're not in the office.

Programmable Emergency Panic Button

Customize your alert buttons effortlessly.

  1. Assign the alert to the button

  2. Assign a button pressed led color

  3. Assign a button released color

  4. Plug into to USB port

You can program all of your buttons from a single computer and then distribute the buttons to those who will be responsible for alerting employees. 

Send Mass Notification Alerts With Desktop Panic Buttons XComms
Panic Buttons For Businesses

Send Mass Notification Alerts With Panic Buttons or Instantly

The On-Demand Alert System from XComms is the solution you need to quickly notify employees of emergencies with a push of a button or click of a desktop shortcut.

With instant alerting capabilities, this tool gives you the ability to deploy alerts from completely customizable push buttons.

Send alerts with push panic button for businesses XComms

On Demand Mass Notification Emergency Alerts Push Button

With XComms you can easily create alert templates for any situation and assign them to a targeted audience for future use.

You can then assign the alert to one of your XComms buttons or create a desktop shortcut to immediately trigger the alert when pushed or clicked. 


Color code your alerts so visually you know which color button represents what notification

Push Button Alerts For Emergency Notifications XComms
Instant Alerts To Any Screen or Device

In today’s fast-paced environment, it’s more important than ever to have an employee alert system in place that can notify your employees immediately about any emergency situation.


Whether it is an active shooter alert, fire emergency, severe weather, or anything urgent, XComms is the solution you’ve been looking for.


With XComms, you can deploy an instant alert to any screen or device with a quick push of a button.

Trigger your preset emergency alerts with a push of a button, or click of a desktop shortcut, from your desktop web tool or mobile device.


Multiple panic button options are available to meet any use case.

Panic Button & Mass Notification Systems for Emergency Response
Emergency Alerts For Employees Push Button
Emergency Desktop Alert Buttons

With a single push of a button, you can instantly notify employees on their computer screen, or mobile device and alert them on common area screens guaranteeing that everyone is in the know no matter what the situation is instantly.


With XComms dynamic targeting your distribution lists will always be updated making it absolutely certain that when it matters most, everyone who needs to be made aware of a critical situation is well-informed and ready.


The process is easy, you create the alert, select the recipients, assign it to a button or create a desktop shortcut and that’s it.

Deploy an instant alert to any screen with the push of a button with the XComms On Demand Notification System.

Display alerts on any screen. From desktops, common area screens, or mobile devices, XComms messaging is visible everywhere. 

There are no extra steps to take when sending out a multi-screen alert. Simply create your content and target your devices or users.

Send Emergency Alert To Common Area Screens With Push Button
Active Shooter Warning Alert With Panic Button

Allow assigned users to deploy urgency notifications, send all clear alerts, request help, or notify emergency managers of incidents.