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Welcome to Your Personalized XComms Platform Builder

At XComms, we believe in providing tailor-made solutions that cater to your unique communication needs.

That's why we've created this seamless platform builder to make your journey to exceptional communication as smooth as possible.

We understand that requesting pricing can sometimes feel intimidating or overwhelming. But fear not! Our platform builder is designed to make the process easy and enjoyable, ensuring you get exactly what you need without any hassle.

Let's Build Your Platform!

Choose Your Communication Tools

At XComms, we believe in giving you full control over your communication platform. Instead of predefined packages, you have the freedom to handpick only the tools you truly need. 

After selecting your essential tools, our flexible licensing system empowers you to select the number of licenses you need, ensuring that you get exactly the resources required to maximize your communication efficiency. 

And here's the best part — XComms offers unlimited Content Managers, so you can effortlessly manage your content without any restrictions!

Scroll down below to see everything that is included with every XComms Platform. 

Note: Content Manager licenses are unlimited!


xcomms pricing
xcomms pricing

Included Free In All XComms Platforms

xcomms content managers unlimited

Unlimited Content Managers

No content manager licensing fees so you can assign anyone to use XComms

user or machine based targeting

User or Machine Targeting

Target either users or computer names, enhancing your communication strategy

xcomms scheduling

Scheduling and Recurrence Tools

Schedule communications in advance for seamless and timely engagement

active directory integration

Active Directory Integration

Sync local or cloud Active Directory for precise communication targeting

comms analytics

Advanced Analytics

Track delivery and  acknowledgements for deeper analytics

Email Alert XComms

Email Alert Module

Effortlessly send emails to employees using the XComms platform

xcomms support

Unlimited Support Services

Unlimited support, ensuring your communication success is backed by expert assistance

xcomms training

Unlimited Training

Unlimited training for seamless adoption and effective communication

Included Free With Pop-Up and Scrolling Ticker Alerts

Acknowledgement Button XComms

Acknowledgment Buttons

Add acknowledgement buttons to alerts, fostering accountability and action

desktop alert templates

Unlimited Templates

Store unlimited alert templates for future use, enhancing efficiency

desktop alert company branding

Company Branded Alerts

Add your logo to alerts for a personalized, branded and impactful touch

internal communications artificial intelligence

Ai Smart Alert Technology

Amplify engagement with tailored communication using AI-powered messaging

employee sms alerts

SMS Mobile Alerts

Expand reach with XComms—send alerts as SMS messages for broader coverage

employee whastapp alerts

WhatsApp Mobile Alerts

Send alerts via WhatsApp for efficient and versatile communication

Email Alerts XComms

Email Alert Module

Enhance reach and convenience by sending alert copies to email

system tray alerts

System Tray Notifications

Deliver alerts as system tray notifications, accessible with a click

corporate emergency alerts

OnDemand Instant Alerts

Use XComms for instant emergency alerts with dynamic targeting

On Demand Desktop Shortcut Alert

Desktop Shortcut Alert Triggers

Create a shortcut to any XComms alert and place it on any person's desktop

alert resizing for desktops

Alert Sizing and Positioning

Predetermine your alert size and screen position for ultimate flexibility in communication

Auto close alert xcomms

Alert Auto Close Function

Set alerts to auto-close when interaction is unavailable, streamlining communication

Included Free With Screensaver Design, Deployment and Tools

Screensaver inactivity period

Set Inactivty Period

Use XComms to determine screensaver activation based on idle time

Lock Desktop Screensaver Options

Desktop Unlock Prompts

Lock or unlock desktops after screensaver deactivation using XComms

Screensaver User change prevention

User Change Prevention

Prevent users from changing screensavers for consistent branding and messaging

Screensaver content options

Screensvaer Content Options

Use single/multiple images, videos, or PowerPoint presentations as screensavers

Included Free With Wallpaper and Lock Screen Tools

User change prevention

User Change Prevention

Prevent users from changing assigned wallpaper or lock screen backgrounds

Wallpaper resolution tools xcomms

Background Image Adjustment

Easily find the ideal fit for wallpaper or lock screen backgrounds

xcomms scheduling

Easy Scheduling Tools

Like all XComms tools you can pre-schedule wallpaper and lock screen backgrounds

xcomms reporting

Delivery Analytics

Analytics to monitor delivery of wallpaper and lock screen backgrounds

Desktop Alert Software Pricing

Pop-Up Alerts

Available as Add On

Ticker Alert Desktop Alert Software Pricing

Scrolling Tickers

Available as Add On

Corporate Screensaver Desktop Alert Software Pricing

Screensaver Management Tools

Available as Add On

Corporate Wallpaper Management

Wallpaper Management Tools

Available as Add On

Employee Quiz Tools

Quizzes and Surveys

Available as Add On

Set locked screen background on network pcs

Locked-Screen Management Tools

Available as Add On

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your internal communication. Get your customized quote for XComms today.

XComms' Cost-Effective Pricing Model: Only Pay for the Features You Need

XComms utilizes a pricing model that is based on the specific tools and licenses required by your organization. This means that the final cost is calculated based on the features and capabilities that you select for your communication needs, as well as the corresponding licenses required to utilize these tools effectively.


In other words, XComms pricing is tailored to the unique needs of each customer and takes into account the specific tools and licenses necessary to provide the most effective and efficient communication solutions possible. This approach ensures that customers only pay for the features they need, without having to pay for unnecessary or redundant tools or licenses.

XComms' Innovative Licensing Model Enables Targeted Communications for Users and Machines without Extra Costs

XComms has a unique capability that allows you to target either users or machines without requiring the purchase of additional licenses. This means that businesses can choose to target their communications to individual users, or on machines, depending on their specific communication needs.

This flexibility is made possible by XComms' innovative licensing model, which is designed to be both cost-effective and scalable. Instead of requiring separate licenses for each user or machine, XComms' licensing model allows customers to purchase a set number of licenses, which can then be used to target either users or machines as needed.


By offering this level of flexibility and scalability, XComms enables customers to tailor their communication strategies to meet their unique business needs, without being limited by licensing requirements or costs.


This makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the benefits of targeted communications, without having to worry about the financial or logistical implications of purchasing additional licenses.

Focus on Your Business, Not License Management: XComms' Dynamic Licensing Function

XComms' licenses automatically refresh every 24 hours, which means that any changes to your personnel or machine counts are reflected in the license count without requiring any manual intervention from the customer.


For instance, when an employee is hired or leaves the organization, or when new computers are added or old ones are decommissioned, XComms' license management system updates automatically to reflect these changes.


This feature simplifies the license management process for customers, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while XComms takes care of the licensing details in the background. By eliminating the need for manual license tracking, customers can be confident that they are always utilizing the correct number of licenses for their communication needs.

XComms' Dynamic Licensing feature provides a seamless and professional experience for customers, enabling them to optimize their communication strategies without being burdened by licensing logistics.

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