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Desktop Alert Software

Pop-Up Alert Messages

On Any Screen

The perfect solution for ensuring that your important messages are seen by employees. Unlike emails that can get lost in the shuffle, pop-up alerts grab attention with their eye-catching appearance and immediate delivery. 

desktop alert software

Never Miss an Important Message Again

All The Tools You Need  - Improve Communication and Increase Productivity with Instant Notifications that Cut Through All of the Clutter


Desktop Pop-Up Alerts

Easiest Way To Create Maximum Awareness With On-Screen Pop-Up Alerts on Any Device Guaranteed 100% Reach and Readership!

The XComms pop-up alert is a versatile tool that can effectively broadcast any type of communication, ranging from general alerts to full-screen notifications. With its customizable settings, users can configure the pop-up alert to match their specific communication needs. Its ability to grab the user's attention by appearing in the foreground of their screen makes it an ideal choice for broadcasting urgent messages, such as system updates or emergency notifications.

Desktop Alert Software Internal Comms


  • System Updates

  • Key Standards Reinforcement

  • Outage Alerts

  • Event Reminders

  • Internal Marketing

  • Compliance Standards

  • Industry Updates

Streamline Your Communications with Desktop Pop-Up Alert Software

desktop alert software for internal communications
Desktop Alerts For Instant Communications

Use Any content to create impactful desktop alerts in seconds

  • Images

  • Video

  • Gif Images

  • Links

  • HTML

  • And More!

From a web-based console anyone can instantly create desktop pop up alerts to get employee's immediate attention.

desktop alert software to deliver employee desktop pop up alerts

Efficient Communication and Faster Responses with Desktop Pop-Up Alert Software

Cut Through The Clutter Created By Email and Collaboration Tools Like Slack and Teams

Desktop Alerts are most effective for delivering your more important messages as high-priority desktop communications to employees that rise above the everyday noise. 

Fast and Ready To Go Templates allow you to simply login into your XComms portal and with only two clicks: your company-branded desktop alerts are delivered to your employee's computer screens with your message.

Why Businesses Use Pop-Up Alerts To Improve Employee Engagement

XComms pop-up alerts are a powerful solution for organizations looking to improve their internal communication efforts. Companies use pop-up alerts for a variety of reasons, including:

Time-Sensitive Communications: Pop-up alerts allow organizations to quickly and effectively communicate important, time-sensitive information to all employees, regardless of location or device.

Employee Engagement: Pop-up alerts are designed to grab employees' attention and engage them with relevant and essential information.

Improved Communication Speed: With pop-up alerts, organizations can ensure that important information is communicated to all employees in real time, improving the speed and effectiveness of their internal communication efforts.

Increased Reach: Pop-up alerts can be delivered to all employees, regardless of their location or device, ensuring that important information is communicated to the entire organization in real time. 

Desktop Pop-Up Alert Software Advantages

Desktop Alert Software
Desktop Alert for employee communications


Target any device with XComms. Send alerts as pop-up, SMS, Email, WhatsApp or combine them to CAST A VERY WIDE NET!

desktop alert software devices
desktop alert software on any screen


You can choose any position on screen, any size, full screen or alert with a blinking tray icon


desktop alert software use your own logo

Instantly create a familiar look and feel by uploading  your logo to brand your pop-up alerts


Target your pop ups to individuals, AD groups, custom groups, computer names, email address and even mobile numbers.

As versatile as it gets!

desktop alert software targeting capabilities

Pre-design personal templates so you are always ready to send an alert as quickly as possible.

All Templates are accessible as you are creating an alert and are always editable


desktop alert software reporting

Get full reporting on all of your XComms activity. Report by tool, user, group, individual or content manager


UNLIMITED. XComms provides unlimited content manager licenses at no extra cost. Also, create an unlimited number of access, targeting and viewing permission policies as you need

desktop alert software publishers
desktop alert software scheduling


Send your alerts right away, pre-schedule or both at the same time. Send now, daily, weekly, specified day or set to expire after any number of occurrences

Desktop Alerts are computer pop-up notification messages delivered directly to employee desktop screens – guaranteed to get employee attention. Ensure Timely Communication with XComms Customizable Pop-Up Alerts

Real-Time Notifications with Desktop Pop-Up Alert Software

Instant Communication and Increased Efficiency with Desktop Pop-Up Alert Software
Keep Your Team Connected with Desktop Pop-Up Alert Software
Desktop pop up alert software

Cut Through Employee Communications

• Bypass email or any collaboration tool completely

• Determine Pop-Up Alert size

• Determine screen position


• Deploy silently as tray notification

• Deliver to Desktop, SMS, Email and WhatsApp in a single step

Versatile Internal Communications

• Graphics

• Animated Gifs

• Video (attach or embed)

• Hyperlinks to web pages, downloads or shared spaces

• HTML for Dynamic content

• And Much, Much, More!

Employee Communication Scheduling

• Schedule one time, daily, weekly, monthly, specific days of the week or by number of occurrences

• Set to deliver at specific times of the day


• Set expiration dates

• Track delivery and readership in real time

​Actionable Employee Alerts

• Drive recipients to internal or external resources

• Send quiz follow up from same console

• Optional receipt acknowledgement confirmations

• Insert calendar invites

using desktop alert software

Any Business Type

  • General Office Communications

  • Hospital Internal Communications

  • Crisis Communications

  • Call Center Agent Updates

  • Customer Service Notifications

  • Executive Communications

  • Internal Newsletters

Any Communication

Cut Through Tools

  • On-Screen Pop-Up Alerts

  • Desktop Scrolling Headlines

  • Push to Common Area Scre