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Desktop scrolling ticker alert software

Desktop Scrolling Headline Tickers
On Any Screen

With a desktop scrolling ticker, important messages are seen by employees without being intrusive.

With its subtle and non-disruptive appearance, important messages are delivered in real time, making it an effective solution that can't be missed.

desktop scrolling headline ticker alert

Don't Let Important Messages Slip Through the Cracks

Everything you need to effectively reach your audience and communicate what matters most with our all-in-one solution


A non-intrusive desktop scrolling ticker can keep your team in the loop on important information without interrupting their workflow. By displaying real-time updates and notifications in a subtle and non-distracting way, you can ensure that everyone stays informed without causing unnecessary interruptions.

desktop scrolling ticker software for business communications

Desktop Scrolling Tickers

Desktop Scrolling Ticker alerts
 IDEAL FOR Scrolling:

  • Company Updates

  • Security Awareness

  • Scrolling Outage Alerts

  • Emergency Notifications

  • Product Changes

  • Position Specifics

  • Crisis Communication​

  • System Updates

  • Key Standards Reinforcement

  • Outage Resolution Ticker

  • Subtle Event Reminders

  • Internal Marketing Feed

  • Compliance Standards

  • Industry Update Headlines

​Send a Scrolling Ticker Message to ANY Computer or  Common Area Screen

From your XComms web tool easily and instantly create multi-position scrolling ticker alerts to guarantee awareness without disrupting workflow.

desktop scrolling ticker on employee computers or laptops


Insert links or Drag and Drop Images or Animated Gifs

desktop scrolling headlines

Scrolling Desktop Ticker Alert Software Advantages

Keep Your Team in the Loop with a Non-Intrusive Desktop Scrolling Ticker that Doesn't Interrupt Workflow

Non-Intrusive: Unlike pop-up alerts or other disruptive notifications, desktop scrolling tickers can deliver important messages in a non-intrusive manner. Employees can see the messages as they go about their work, without having to stop what they're doing or be interrupted by a popup.

scrolling ticker alerts
desktop scrolling ticker to employees for engagement
Simplify Communication and Collaboration with a Discreet and Streamlined Desktop Scrolling Ticker

Improved Communication: Desktop scrolling tickers enable organizations to keep their employees informed and up-to-date with important news, announcements, and updates in real-time. This leads to better collaboration, increased productivity, and more efficient decision-making.

To learn more please visit the scrolling ticker faq page. 

Maximize Your Brand Visibility with Customizable Desktop Scrolling Tickers

Customizable: Desktop scrolling tickers are highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the ticker's appearance and content to their specific needs. Tickers can be branded with company logos, including hyperlinks and animated gif images.

desktop scrolling ticker to staff for updates
desktop scrolling headline ticker alert

to Improve Awareness and Engagement in Any Industry!









Why Businesses Use Desktop Scrolling Tickers To Improve Employee Engagement

XComms scrolling tickers offer a unique solution for companies looking to improve their internal communication efforts. Companies use the scrolling tickers for a variety of reasons, including:

Employee Engagement: The scrolling tickers allow organizations to engage employees with relevant and important information without disrupting workflow.

Increased Reach: The scrolling tickers can be deployed to all employees' computers, regardless of their location or device, ensuring that important information is communicated to the entire organization.

Improved Communication Efficiency: With the scrolling tickers, organizations can communicate important information to employees in a non-intrusive and efficient manner.

Customizable and Branded: The scrolling tickers are fully customizable, allowing companies to brand them to their specific needs and design them to effectively grab the attention of their employees.

desktop scrolling ticker software

Powerful but subtle desktop alerting

• Bypass email or any collaboration tool completely

• Determine Screen Position

• Determine Scroll Speed


• Deploy silently as tray notification

• Deliver to Desktop, SMS, Email and WhatsApp in a single step

Versatile Desktop Headline Tickers

• Graphics

• Animated Gifs

• Video Links

• Hyperlinks to web pages, downloads or shared spaces

• HTML for Dynamic content

• And Much, Much, More!

Scheduling made easy for any desktop ticker

• Schedule one time, daily, weekly, monthly, specific days of the week or by number of occurrences

• Set to deliver at specific times of the day


• Set ticker expiration dates

• Track ticker delivery and readership in real time

Actionable desktop headline alerting

• Drive recipients to internal or external resources

• Send quiz follow up from same console

• Optional receipt acknowledgement confirmations

• Insert calendar invites


desktop scrolling ticker for IT outage notifications templates

Any Business Type

  • General Office Communications

  • Hospital Internal Communications

  • Crisis Communications

  • Call Center Agent Updates

  • Customer Service Notifications

  • Executive Communications

  • Internal Newsletters

Any Communication

Cut Through Tools

  • On-Screen Pop-Up Alerts

  • Desktop Scrolling Headlines

  • Push to Common Area Screens

  • Screensaver Management

  • Wallpaper Backgrounds

  • Locked Screen Backgrounds

  • Digital Signage

send desktop scrolling ticker from any device


Desktop Ticker 

The desktop scrolling ticker utilizes innovative, responsive, and intuitive technology, making it the perfect solution for companies seeking to boost employee engagement and enhance internal communication without interrupting workflow.

xcomms desktop notification tools


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