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Scrolling Ticker FAQ

Desktop Ticker FAQ

Welcome to our Scrolling Ticker FAQ page! Here, we aim to address the most commonly asked questions about desktop tickers, scrolling tickers, customization options, compatibility, and the benefits they offer. We understand that you may have queries regarding these dynamic display elements and their functionalities.

So, whether you're curious about the definition of a desktop ticker or interested in learning about customization possibilities, you'll find the answers you seek right here. Explore our FAQs below and get the information you need.

What is an XComms Scrolling Desktop Ticker?

An XComms scrolling ticker is a dynamic display element provided by XComms communication software. It is designed to continuously show scrolling text or information on users' desktop screens in a visually engaging manner. XComms scrolling tickers are highly customizable, allowing you to adjust the font, color, size, scrolling speed, and direction to match your organization's branding and communication needs.

The XComms scrolling ticker serves as an effective tool to grab employees' attention and deliver important updates, news, announcements, or alerts in real-time. By displaying relevant information in a prominent and visually striking way, XComms scrolling tickers help ensure that critical messages are noticed and acted upon by employees, enhancing internal communication and overall organizational effectiveness.

How can XComms desktop tickers benefit my organization?

XComms desktop tickers provide a visually engaging platform to deliver real-time information to employees. By displaying scrolling text or headlines on their desktop screens, XComms tickers ensure that important messages, news updates, and alerts are prominently communicated, increasing employee awareness, engagement, and alignment within the organization all while not disrupting workflow.

Can I customize the appearance and content of XComms scrolling tickers?

Yes, XComms offers extensive customization options for scrolling tickers. You can easily customize the font, color, size, scrolling speed, and direction of the ticker to match your organization's branding. Additionally, XComms allows you to incorporate images, logos, and relevant content to deliver a personalized and engaging scrolling ticker experience.

How can XComms desktop tickers improve internal communications?

XComms desktop scrolling tickers play a vital role in improving internal communications. By delivering real-time updates and messages directly to employees' desktop screens, XComms ensures that information is effectively disseminated, resulting in increased employee engagement, collaboration, and overall organizational efficiency.

Can XComms scrolling tickers be integrated with other communication tools?

Absolutely! XComms offers integration capabilities with various communication tools such as email clients and messaging apps. This allows for seamless information delivery across multiple channels, ensuring that important messages reach employees through their preferred communication methods.

How can I measure the impact of XComms desktop tickers on employee engagement?

Measuring the impact of XComms desktop tickers on employee engagement can be done by analyzing engagement metrics such as desktop ticker delivery and acknowledgment rates and conducting surveys to gather employee feedback. These insights can help evaluate the effectiveness of XComms tickers in enhancing employee engagement and communication within your organization.

Can I send XComms Scrolling Tickers to Groups in Active Directory

Yes. XComms will sync seamlessly with your active directory. Whether you are syncing a cloud active directory or local, XComms will allow you to leverage existing groups to distribute your scrolling headline tickers. 

What type of content can i put in a XComms scrolling ticker alert?

With an XComms scrolling ticker, you have the flexibility to add various types of content to grab maximum employee attention. You can include hyperlinks that direct users to relevant websites or internal resources, ensuring easy access to additional information. Additionally, the ticker supports the display of animated GIF images, allowing you to incorporate visually engaging elements into your scrolling messages. This versatility in content options enables you to create dynamic and attention-grabbing announcements, updates, or alerts that effectively capture employees' interest and drive engagement.

What areas of the screen can we display the scrolling ticker from XComms?

With an XComms scrolling ticker, you have the flexibility to choose the placement of your ticker on the screen. Whether you prefer the bottom, top, or even the middle of the screen, you can easily configure the ticker to appear in the desired location. This customization feature allows you to optimize the visibility and prominence of the ticker based on your preferences and the layout of your desktop environment. By selecting the ideal placement, you can ensure that the ticker effectively captures users' attention and delivers important messages or updates in a visually striking manner.

What are scrolling tickers used for in internal communications?

Scrolling tickers are commonly used in internal communications to display news updates, announcements, reminders, or alerts to employees. They serve as a visually appealing and attention-grabbing method to ensure important information is conveyed effectively within the organization.

What are the advantages of using a desktop ticker for real-time updates?

A desktop ticker provides real-time updates in a highly visible manner, ensuring that important information is easily noticed by users. It eliminates the need for manual checking of updates and increases awareness of time-sensitive information.

Can I display custom messages or announcements on a desktop ticker?

Yes, most desktop tickers allow you to customize the content displayed. You can easily create and display custom messages, announcements, news updates, or any other relevant information to keep your audience informed.

Are desktop tickers compatible with multiple monitor setups?

Yes, desktop tickers are typically compatible with multiple monitor setups. They can be configured to display scrolling text or information on a specific monitor or across all connected monitors, allowing for effective communication on a larger scale.


A non-intrusive desktop scrolling ticker can keep your team in the loop on important information without interrupting their workflow. By displaying real-time updates and notifications in a subtle and non-distracting way, you can ensure that everyone stays informed without causing unnecessary interruptions.

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