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Corporate Screensaver Management Tools

Streamline Your Screensaver Process with XComms' All-in-One Solution

Transform idle computer screens into an attention-grabbing digital signage platform with the XComms Enterprise Screensaver Management Tool.

With this customizable tool, you can effectively communicate important messages and keep your team informed and motivated with eye-catching designs that immediately capture their attention. You can use image(s), video, or PowerPoint presentations as content.

With XComms' exclusive management tools, you have the choice to use XComms alongside or as a replacement for existing screensaver group policies. These policies control the wait or idle time, lock/unlock prompts, and user change prevention.

Deploying the XComms Screensaver Tool is effortless and guarantees that your communication strategy is optimized for maximum impact.

Dynamic Screensaver Management Tools: Features and Capabilities

Explore the comprehensive set of innovative features that make designing, deploying, tracking, and managing screensavers an effortless and hassle-free experience.

Corporate Screensaver tools
corporate screensavers

The Benefits of Using Custom Screensavers for Corporate Communication

Custom screensavers can be a powerful tool for corporate communication, providing an attention-grabbing way to share important messages with employees.

With XComms Screensaver Management Tool, you can take advantage of this tool with ease, creating screensavers that are tailored to your company's specific needs.

Custom screensavers are also a cost-effective way to enhance your corporate branding, by incorporating your company logo, colors, and messaging into every employee's computer

screensaver management
Screensaver for corporate communications

Management Tools

Why Businesses Use Screensavers To Improve Employee Engagement

The XComms screensaver tool is an effective solution for organizations looking to improve their internal communication efforts. Companies use the screensaver tool for a variety of reasons, including:

Employee Engagement: The screensaver tool allows organizations to engage employees with relevant and important information, even when they are not actively working on their computers.

Increased Reach: The screensaver tool can be deployed to all employees' computers, regardless of their location or device, ensuring that important information is communicated to the entire organization.

Improved Communication Efficiency: With the screensaver tool, organizations can communicate important information to employees in a non-intrusive and efficient manner.

Customizable Content: The screensaver tool is fully customizable, allowing companies to use a variety of content to display as a screensaver. From Images, Videos, to Full PowerPoint Presentations; the screensaver tool is easy to use, versatile, and guaranteed to make an impression. 

Low Cost: The screensaver tool is a low-cost digital signage solution that is fully customizable.

Group Policy Considerations: The XComms screensaver tool can replace existing screensaver group policies that manage content, inactivity time, lock/unlock prompts, and user change prevention. 

Turn idle screens into
powerful digital signage To Promote

  • Internal Marketing

  • Communicate Change

  • Drive Objectives

  • Promote Corporate Values

  • Event Reminders

  • Industry Updates

  • Security Awareness

  • Key Standards Reinforcement

  • Compliance Awareness

  • Promote Internal Initiatives

  • Highlight Achievements

  • Brand Awareness

Creative Ways to Use Screensaver Management Tools for Corporate Communication
business screensaver management software

Human Resources

Customize screensavers with information about employee benefits, open enrollment periods, or job openings within the company.


You can also use screensavers to promote wellness programs, such as fitness challenges or mental health initiatives.

business screensaver management software

IT Department

Use screensavers to remind employees of important IT policies and procedures, such as password requirements, data security protocols, or software updates.


You can also use screensavers to share tips and best practices for cybersecurity awareness and prevention as well as notifying users of planned maintenance and downtimes.

business screensaver management software

Common Areas

Use screensavers in common areas such as lobbies and breakrooms to communicate important information to visitors and guests. For example, you can display company history, values, or products/services to visitors in the lobby. In breakrooms, you can share motivational messages, updates on company events, or fun trivia questions to promote engagement and team building.


business screensaver management software

Cyber Security Awareness

Display cybersecurity awareness messages and tips on screensavers that pop up when employees' computers are idle.


The messages can range from general reminders about phishing scams and password hygiene to specific alerts about new cyber threats or attacks.

business screensaver management software

Customer Service Department

Use screensavers to display customer feedback or testimonials, or to share tips and best practices for providing excellent customer service.


You can also use screensavers to promote customer service recognition programs or to share important updates about the company's customer service initiatives.

business screensaver management software

Facilities/Building Management

XComms Screensavers could be used to communicate important updates about building maintenance or safety protocols to all facilities, departments, or locations.


Customized screensavers could be used to remind employees about emergency evacuation procedures or other safety information.


business screensaver management software

Sales Department

Use screensavers to showcase new product features, customer success stories, or upcoming sales promotions.



You can also display sales performance metrics or goals to motivate the sales team and encourage healthy competition.

business screensaver management software

Marketing Department

Customize screensavers with your latest marketing campaigns, social media posts, or content marketing pieces.



You can also use screensavers to highlight upcoming events or webinars or to ask for employee input on marketing initiatives.

business screensaver management software

Training Department

Use screensavers to promote upcoming training sessions or to share important training materials.


With other XComms tools, you can also distribute quizzes or surveys related to the training content to encourage learning and engagement.


How to Optimize Your Corporate Screensaver Group Policies

XComms Screensaver Management Tool provides a range of powerful management tools that can help you optimize your corporate screensaver group policies.

With XComms, you can control idle time, lock/unlock prompts, and user change prevention, giving you greater control over how screensavers are displayed to your employees.

Our management tools also allow you to easily customize screensavers with your own messaging, images, and videos, making it easy to keep your team informed and engaged.

push screensavers to employee machines without group policy
Screensaver for corporate communications
Deploy Office Screensavers

to Improve Awareness and Streamline Internal Screen Saver Processes in Any Industry!









​Manage Entire Corporate Screensaver Process From a Single Place

From your XComms web tool easily and instantly create stunning screensavers and manage idle/active times and optionally require users to sign in on resume from the screen saver


Screensaver tools for business communications
Manage domain screensavers
Employee Screensavers For Communications

Employee Computer Or 

Common Area Screens

From Personal Computers to Breakrooms and Lobbies, you can cast a very wide net and improve internal communication and increase awareness at the same time with customer screensavers.  

screensavers for digital signage tools

Increase  Awareness

Use lobby screenavers as a visual communication solution that will inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with employees, customers, students and visitors.

Corporate Lobby Screensaver
lobby screen digital signage

Improve Recall Rates and Boost Morale

Communicate with employees on breakroom screens to help prioritize initiatives, reinforce key standards and demonstrate employee appreciation with custom screensavers.

common area Screensaver
use screensavers for internal communications

Keep Everyone Involved Easily

Use your corporate screensavers to not only communicate the most important messages but to also strengthen corporate culture and boost morale with multiple quickly, easily, and affordably. 

XComms is the easiest-to-use screensaver management tool where little to no IT resources are required. 



What to look for in a screensaver management tool?

  • Easy-to-use content design Interface

  • Little to no IT resources are required

  • Simple Drag and Drop Functionality

  • Complete screensaver settings management including setting inactive times and logon options to take group policy management off the IT department's plate.  

  • Lockable screensavers options to prevent employee changes

  • Flexible targeting capabilities including individual users, machine names, custom groups, active directory groups, and broadcast functionalities

  • Screensaver scheduling features

  • Content capabilities

  • Affordable solution

  • Fast and painless implementation

  • To send/manage from desktop and mobile devices

What you want is an effortless corporate screensaver management application. 

Corporate Screensavers For Employee Awareness

Screensavers Can Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

With XComms Screensaver Management Tool, you can enhance employee engagement and productivity by using eye-catching screensavers to share important messages and information.
Our tool allows you to customize screensavers with your own branding, messaging, and imagery, helping to reinforce your corporate culture and values.
By providing employees with customized, informative screensavers, you can keep them engaged and motivated, leading to increased productivity and a better work environment.

Corporate Screensaver Management
screensaver tools

Corporate Screensaver

• Set custom employee screensaver activation wait times 

• Require login after resume or not

• Add watermark and sound files

• Live Previews

Versatile Corporate Screensavers

• Single or Multiple Images

• Full PowerPoint Files

• Video Content

• Add image transition animation

• Set image duration

Schedule Business Screensaver

• Send custom screensavers immediately or schedule delivery date

• Set expiration date


• Quick resend options

• Track screen saver delivery in real time

business screensavers

​Corporate Screensaver Group Policy Management Tools

• Use in conjunction with screensavers group policy

• Seamlessly replace group policy

• Prevent disabling or changes to screen saver display and settings by end user


screensavers for communications

Any Business Type

  • General Office Communications

  • Hospital Internal Communications

  • Crisis Communications

  • Call Center Agent Updates

  • Customer Service Notifications

  • Executive Communications

  • Internal Newsletters

Any Communication

  • Change Communication

  • IT Screensaver Communication

  • Compliance and Policy Updates

  • Improve Employee Engagement

  • Help Desk Tools For Instant Awareness

  • Surveys and Quizzes With Real Time Analytics

  • Internal Marketing

Cut Through Tools

  • On-Screen Pop-Up Alerts

  • Desktop Scrolling Headlines

  • Push to Common Area Screens

  • Screensaver Management

  • Wallpaper Backgrounds

  • Locked Screen Backgrounds

  • Digital Signage

send screensaver from any device



Screen Saver

XComms Screensaver tools utilize the latest technology to provide an advanced solution that is both intuitive and responsive. They stand out as the most user-friendly and affordable option in their class.

screensaver communication tools

Essential Corporate Communications  TOOLKIT

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