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XComms On The Go Emergency Alerts App
XComms Mobile Touch Alert Portal

Take Your Alerts With You Anywhere You Go

Deploying instant alerts with XComms has never been faster. Now you can assign your instant alerts to a mobile app and allow individuals you select to have the ability to deploy your instant alerts with a simple tap of an icon.

With XComms on the Go, you can completely personalize your mobile app with your own backgrounds, icons, and alert triggers.

The XComms app is free to use with XComms On Demand.

To learn more about XComms On The Go, schedule a demo with an XComms specialist today.

XComms on Android and Apple Devices

Available On

Emergency Alert Mobile App for Businesses


Use Your Own:

  • Backgrounds

  • Icons

  • Logos

  • One-Touch Alert Triggers

Sometimes There is Just No Time

Send your pre-designed alert to your pre-determined recipients instantly with a simple tap of an icon for guaranteed instant awareness of what matters most, when it matters most. 

Desktop Alert Mobile App

Access Permission

Once you've set up your app alerts you can approve who has access to the alert app. 

Just have your designated employees download the app and you approve their access from your own administrative portal. 

That's it. 

XComms Desktop Alert Software Mobile App

Easy To Setup

Setting up your alert app could is practically effortless. 

You create your alert in XComms and then assign it to your portal which can be accessed via a mobile app.

You can customize the look and feel using your own alert icons, alert titles and even customize the background. 

XComms on Android
XComms on Apple

Which On Demand deployment tool is right for you?

Emergency Alert Deployment Tools

The Nexus

Push Buttons

Mobile App

Desktop Shortcuts

Employee Alerts Mobile App

XCOMMs on demand

XComms is back at it again; setting new standards with the most innovative, responsive, and intuitive technology available to get your urgent messages in front of those who need to see them instantly. Regardless of location, screen, or device; XComms casts the widest net possible. 

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