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About XComms

Internal communication is complicated. There are so many ways for your employees to miss messages, and it's hard to guarantee that they'll see what you want them to see—especially when your message needs to come through in a way that doesn't feel like spam or busywork.

But we have the solution: the most cut-through communications platform available, XComms.


XComms lets you communicate directly with your employees via branded on-screen pop-up alerts, desktop scrolling ticker headlines, screensaver communications, wallpaper, and lock screen backgrounds and you can even engage your employees with on-screen quizzes and surveys. Guaranteeing that they're paying attention when they need to be.


We know how important effective internal communication is at work—and we're here to help you make sure it works for you.

XComms keeps your employees informed about what matters most, so you can make sure everyone is on the same page and everyone always knows what's expected.


We give you the power to communicate directly with your employees on any screen bypassing overused existing tools like email or collaboration tools; this means instant awareness regardless of device, network, or location!


XComms has been used by businesses big and small for over 10 years and we keep on innovating to make sure our customers always have access to the latest and greatest in communications!

Who is XComms

What we do to separate ourselves?

Customers don’t want just any communications product… Customers buy XComms because of what they can do with it.

In a cluttered workplace, We provide the innovation needed to break through the everyday noise created by overused and ineffective communications to guarantee that our customer's employees are always informed and engaged.


From user experience to support and pricing, we are consistently setting the standard in our industry by going above and beyond not only our competitor’s capabilities but beyond our customer's expectations.


Everything we do starts with the customer experience. We adapt our software to the customer.  When it comes to the user experience with XComms our motto is to Answer the Question Before its Asked.  Ease of use is everything to us!

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What Separates XComms
XComms Desktop Alert Software Development Team Engineers

The Where
the How

Where can you use XComms?

Well, Anywhere actually. XComms has a wide reach and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.


Do you need to download an app to use the Comms communication tools?

Absolutely not. XComms is the only truly responsive tool available where you can access it from any browser and on any device. You don't need to download an app so don’t worry about having to download something, connect it then and relearn anything.


What if you want to use XComms in a different language?

No problem. Because XComms is built on much more modern technology than any of our competitors, you can simply log in from your browser and use XComms in your preferred language and browser.

When and Where

The Story

Formed over a decade ago the XComms group developed a platform that allows businesses of any size to easily and affordably access a range of internal communication tools that guarantee their most essential messages rise above all other communication channels. 

Prior to launching the XComms Platform, the team members behind XComms (like all of us) struggled to find ways to make their communications in the workplace not only get noticed but truly resonate with employees. This was not an easy task since at that point in time there were few affordable solutions besides email and digital signage that could get employees' attention. 

Within the last decade or so more communication tools became widely adopted in the form of collaboration tools yet the goal of guaranteeing awareness when it matters most seemed further and further away as most collaboration tools add to the clutter and overall noise created by email overload and other overused communication resources. 


Enter XComms. With XComms businesses finally have access to amazing cut-through tools that get the job done. No longer do companies have to worry about important communications being lost in an employee's inbox somewhere or buried within the chatter of expensive collaboration tools.


With XComms, message cut-through is virtually guaranteed, and with the built-in and extremely easy-to-use content creation tools and prominence of XComms, business communications always resonate.

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The Story
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Why XComms?

We designed and developed an incredible platform that enables companies to easily and affordably send communications to their employees that cut through the clutter of email and collaborative tools like no other product.


XComms casts the widest possible net to guarantee that employees are aware of what matters most when it matters most on any screen or device.


With affordability in mind, any business can use XComms regardless of company size or budget. With the best prices in our space and with the most flexible billing options you can rest assured knowing that not only will your employee communications absolutely improve but you can do it without breaking the bank.

Why XComms

How Do We Get XComms

​The best thing to do is to Click the "Get Started" button below and schedule a demo with XComms. 

During the one-on-one demo, you will speak to one of our amazing communications specialists to discuss your current needs, see the XComms Platform for yourself and get tailored pricing based on the tools you need and discuss the next steps. 

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How to Get XComms