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Locked Screen Management Tool

Corporate Locked Screen
Background Display Tools

Using locked screen backgrounds for communication is a highly effective way to cut through the noise and ensure that your message is seen by employees. 

With their eye-catching design and immediate delivery, locked screen backgrounds are a perfect solution for ensuring that your important messages are seen by everyone.

Design - Deploy - Manage Settings - All With A Single Tool

Improve Communication and Increase Engagement with Customizable Locked Screen Backgrounds

Customizable locked screen backgrounds are a powerful tool for improving communication and increasing engagement within your organization. By using custom graphics, images, and messages on locked screens, you can ensure that employees receive important updates and messages as soon as they log in to their computers. This can help to reduce the chance of important messages getting missed or overlooked, which can ultimately improve overall communication and engagement.

Use Locked Screen Backgrounds To
Publish Key Information And Promote

  • Internal Marketing

  • Communicate Change

  • Drive Objectives

  • Promote Corporate Values

  • Event Reminders

  • Industry Updates

  • Security Awareness

  • Key Standards Reinforcement

  • Compliance Awareness

  • Promote Internal Initiatives

  • Highlight Achievements

  • Brand Awareness

Locked Screen Background
Management Tools

Manage computer locked screen background  displays with all in one design and deployment tool to improve internal communication

Corporate Locked Screen Management Tools
lock screen background for business communications


schedule lock screen background wallpaper with group policy


send lock screen wallpaper to users and machines


Manage and Customize Employee Locked Screen Backgrounds
Locked Screen Management Tool for businesses

Locked screen backgrounds are a great medium to get the word out. Simply upload your locked screen image to the XComms control panel and target your recipients to publish.

Turn Any Locked Computer Screen Into A Powerful Communication Vehicle With Lock Screen Background Design And Management Tools

Take advantage of this highly visible yet underused medium to get the word out to all employees at their computers as well as those who pass by.

The XComms Locked Screen Display Tool for internal communications is a simple, fast, and effective way to get employees' attention. 

Locked Screen Management Tools

to Get Employees Attention and communicate what matters most in Any Industry!

Corporate Locked Screen Messaging as an Effective  Communication Tool Advantages


Target any device with XComms. Send locked screen background displays to personal or shared machines or common area screens.


change lock screen background on work computers


Target locked screen backgrounds to  individuals, AD groups, custom groups, computer names, email address and even mobile numbers.

Locked Screen Management Tool targeting


Browse for or drag and drop any image into the XComms locked screen tool

gpo lock screens changes
Locked Screen Management Tool scheduling


Send your locked screen background display right away, pre-schedule or both at the same time

employee lock screen background
The Employee Locked Screen Display Management Tool allows you to rotate key information and publish breaking news directly to screens creating more awareness and engagement.
lcoked screen backgrounds tools


UNLIMITED. XComms provides unlimited content manager licenses at no extra cost. Also, create an unlimited number of access, targeting and viewing permission policies as you need

domain users change lock screen backgrounds
deliver Locked Screen backgrounds to staff


Locked Screen reporting by user, machine name, group or content manager

User Change Prevention

Lock Locked Screen  background so end user will not be able to change their backgrounds to personal content after one has been assigned

corporate lock screen backgrounds for internal communications with employees
Locked Screen Management Toolkit


• Drag and Drop Images

• Target user id, group, department, location

• Perfect resolution on any screen

• Send to Desktops and Common area display screens

• Live preview before sending


• Send immediately or schedule delivery date

• Set expiration date


• Quick resend options

• Track locked screen delivery rates in real time

Locked Screen Management Tool group policy

Group Policy

• Use in conjunction with group policy

• Seamlessly replace group policy

• Prevent disabling or changes to locked screen content by end user


Locked Screen Management Tools and tips

Any Business Type

  • General Office Communications

  • Hospital Internal Communications

  • Crisis Communications

  • Call Center Agent Updates

  • Customer Service Notifications

  • Executive Communications

  • Internal Newsletters

Any Communication

  • Outage Alerts Communications

  • Design And  Save IT Outage Templates

  • Compliance and Policy Updates

  • Improve Employee Engagement

  • Help Desk Tools For Instant Awareness

  • Surveys and Quizzes With Real Time Analytics

  • Internal Marketing

Cut Through Tools

  • On-Screen Pop-Up Alerts

  • Desktop Scrolling Headlines

  • Push to Common Area Screens

  • Screensaver Management

  • Wallpaper Backgrounds

  • Locked Screen Backgrounds

  • Digital Signage

Locked office computer backgrounds



Locked Screen Display

The Locked Screen Background Tools from XComms have been crafted with the latest innovative, responsive, and user-friendly technology, providing the most advanced, affordable, and effortless solution.

Locked Screen Management Tool for Internal Communications With Employees


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