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IT Security Employee Communications To Improve Cyber Security Awareness

IT Security Employee Communications that Bypass email and collaboration tools so IT Security Communications get the attention needed without creating more clutter. 

100% Measurable Awareness Guaranteed.


Wallpaper Management Tools

InfoSec Employee Awareness

XComms is a unique internal communications platform that lets you push communications across all your channels from a single place.

Quizzes and Surveys

Locked-Screen Management Tools

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Pop-Up Alerts

Available as Add On

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Scrolling Tickers

Available as Add On

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Screensaver Management Tools

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Information Security Employee Communications

Engage employees in the most cut-through way. Plan, schedule, and automate Information Security Awareness communication campaigns to create cyber security awareness. Leverage all of your existing channels, extend your reach and create InfoSec awareness campaigns that take your message further than any traditional employee communication or collaboration tools. 


InfoSec Security Awareness

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XComms Cyber Security Comms Platform Advantages

From a single platform, InfoSec communication tools allow for a cut-through communication strategy that will display your security awareness messages on any screen, on any device, across any network, and in any language. 

Cyber Security Awareness Templates For Improved

IT Security Awareness

Create Your Own Unlimited Cyber Security Alert Templates
And Keep Employees Updated Instantly

Customize and store an UNLIMITED number of InfoSec notification templates for quick employee updating.

Design with your colors, logos, graphics, Html, hyperlinks, and more.

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Phishing Warning


XComms Alert Template 2-min.png

Password Security


XComms Alert Template 4-min.png

Device Security


XComms Alert Template 3-min.png


Use Policy


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InfoSec Employee Communications Tips

Tips for maximum employee awareness of cyber security threats and increasing internal compliance with company acceptable use policies (AUP)