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How To Manage Screensaver Process For Any Business

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

In any organization there are a lot of moving parts when managing employee screensavers.

XComms offers the best solution to design, deploy and manage screensaver content and screensaver group policies from a single place.

Corporate Screensaver Management
Corporate Screensaver Management

Employee Screensaver Management enhances your company's internal communication effectiveness with targeted and easy to use Screensaver Management Software.

3 easy steps to design, deploy and manage your corporate screensavers.

Step #1 - Create Your Screensaver Content

You can easily upload or drag and drop:

  • Single Image

  • Multiple Images

  • Videos

  • Non-Converted PowerPoint Presentations

Step #2 - Optional Management Tools

Screensaver Control Options:

  • Set inactive screen time before screensaver displays

  • Prompt user to login after deactivating screensaver

  • Pre-Schedule Screensavers

  • Prevent employees from changing screensavers

Step #3 - Target Your Employee Recipients

Search for your recipients by:

  • User Name

  • First or Last Name

  • Computer Name

  • Custom Groups Memberships

  • Active Directory Groups Memberships

  • Email Address

  • Phone

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works..." – Steve Jobs

Learn how using Screensavers to reinforce what matters most, when it matters most.

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