6 Internal Communications Tools Your Business Needs in 2022

Updated: Sep 13

XComms exists to help any size organization cut the through the everyday clutter created by ineffective and overused internal communication tools.

Internal Communication Best Practices
Highly Visible Employee Communications

Have you ever asked.....

How do I improve employee internal communications?

How do I engage employees more effectively?

How can I guarantee that all messages that matter most are read and acknowledged?

How can I bypass the everyday chatter created by email and collaborative tools like Slack and Teams?

What are new ways to engage employees?

How do you streamline your existing comms processes?

If you have ever asked at least one of those questions you are absolutely in the right place!

All companies (any size) that have mastered effective communications and employee engagement all share the same approach when effectively communicating with their employees.

They know what you will know by the end of this blog that in order for a company to effectively communicate with it's employees they need tools.

What is crucial is maximum visibility without disrupting workflow.... That's It!

So what kind of employee communication tools allow us to create maximum visibility?


​​​1. Desktop Pop-Up Alerts


Desktop Alert Software
Direct to screen alerting tools

Customize and Instantly send out direct to screen desktop notification alerts through various flexible messaging channels so your key employee messages will never be ignored, pushed to the side or deleted!!

Direct To Screen : By-Pass Active Screens and Allow Pop-Up Alerts to Rise Above Everything For Immediate Awareness In Any Screen Position.

Any Device : Target workstations, mobile devices or common area screens for complete coverage.

Viewing Experience : Easily determine the priority, size, positioning, prominence and the recurrence of your pop-up alerts.

Any Content : Easily compose with Text, Graphics, Videos, Attach Documents, Flash, Voice messages, HTML, Animated Content, Acknowledgement Buttons and More!

Everywhere : Reach all employees regardless of their device or location instantly.

Targeting : Target by user, machine, custom distribution groups, departments or leverage existing groups by syncing with your active directory.

Targeting : Target by user, machine, custom distribution groups, departments or leverage existing groups by syncing with your active directory.

​Measurement : Easily and quickly measure proof of delivery, readership and employee acknowledgements

Increase Accountability : Hold employees accountable by adding acknowledgement buttons to pop-ups.

​Linking : Add hyperlinks to any pop-up to drive employees to other internal or external resources… intranet, network location or website. Engagement : Deploy pop-up quizzes, surveys or polls to easily for instant feedback and analysis. End User App : End users will have their own branded / searchable history app on every device giving them instant access to all communications.

Any Content * Any Screen Position * Any Device


2. Desktop Scrolling Ticker Headlines​​​


Desktop Ticker Alert Software
Send desktop scrolling ticker headline to pc screen

Update staff as soon as information becomes available without disrupting employee tasks with instant, powerful and persistent desktop scrolling news ticker message alerts.

Non-Invasive : Scrolling tickers can be docked at the bottom of any screen auto-sizing any open/active window to rest above the ticker notification.

Multi-Position : Deploy ticker to the bottom, center or the top of any employee or common are screens.

Viewing Experience : Easily determine the priority, size, positioning, prominence and the recurrence of your pop-up alerts.

Drive to Resources : Easily add hyperlinks to drive employees to intranet, external sites or network locations.

Accountability : Much like the pop-up tools, you can add acknowledgement buttons into any ticker for increased accountability.

Closing Ticker : Allow employees to manually close ticker, click an acknowledgement button or pre-determine on-screen duration.

Display : Adjust the ticker to any desired size to be visually effective on larger screens.

Any Device : Scrolling ticker alerts can be displayed on any screen. Scrolling tickers can even be delivered to mobile devices as an incredibly impactful pop-up.

Targeting : Target device, user, department, custom group, broadcast or target groups within active directory.

Distinctive * Non Disruptive * Instant Awareness


3. Screen Savers and Digital Signage


Corporate Screensaver Management
Easiest Way To Manage Corporate Screensavers

Turn unattended desktop screens and common area displays into digital signage

Corporate Screensavers: Turn unattended machines into powerful digital signage by easily managing screensaver content, rotations and the targeting of all screensaver messaging easily from a single place.

Complete Content : Easily embed images, video, html, PowerPoint presentations into any screensaver or embed hyperlinks to turn screensaver into interactive displays.

Screensaver Management : Design and deploy from a single place and use with or replace group policy with complete screensaver management tools.

User Change Prevention: Lock screensavers so end user will not be able to change their assigned screensavers to personal content after one has been assigned.

Flexible Targeting * Powerful Visual Content * Cost Effective * Any Screen​


4. Desktop Wallpaper Management Tools


Desktop wallpaper management
Change employee wallpaper background

Use employee Desktop Background Wallpaper to Publish Key Information

Corporate Wallpaper Background Management : Taking advantage of every medium, you can now manage all employee background wallpaper using any content and even rotate wallpaper at pre-scheduled dates and times.

Targeting: Target different wallpaper to different departments, locations, individuals or groups within your own active directory.

User Change Prevention: Lock wallpaper background so end user will not be able to change their assigned backgrounds to personal content after one has been assigned.

The Employee Wallpaper Management Tool allows you to rotate key information and publish breaking news directly to screens creating more awareness and engagement.


5. Employee Benchmarking Tools https://www.xcomms.com/employee-quiz-software

Employee Quiz Tool
Employee Pop-up quizzes

Do My Employees Know... What They Need To Know... When They Need To Know It??

Bypassing email altogether, the quiz alert software will notify employees of new testing and reminders directly on their screen

Testing Tools : Flexible and easy to use quiz maker tool that allows you to launch employee quizzes across any network and on any device.

Reinforce Staff learning with desktop quizzes, Build engagement and Increase employee skills while identifying knowledge gaps. Send as desktop alert or hyperlink.

Fast : Achieve the highest possible participation rates and get instant feedback with customizable on-screen testing.