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Best Cyber Security Awareness Employee Notification Templates

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Deliver a communications experience that cuts through the clutter created by overused and ineffective communication tools with a rich feature-set designed to take your cyber employee engagement further.


Did you know that 43% of employees have no idea whether their company has a protocol to follow during a cyber attack or data breach?

XComms InfoSec communications allow for a cut-through communication strategy that will display your security awareness messages on any screen, on any device, across any network and in any language.

  • Send Cyber Security Awareness Communications to employee desktop and laptop screens with cut through desktop communications.

  • Send information security communication to common area screens notifying employees cyber security threats.

  • Communicate cyber security tips to mobile devices to staff who are not at their desks or offsite.

Educate your employees before cyber security attacks by increasing awareness. The XComms exclusive and secured communication platform allow you to send real time direct to screen rich content messages that break through the clutter created by overusers and ineffective communications and allow you to test employee's knowledge of compliance standards with fast and easy to use desktop pop-up quizzes and surveys.

Have your targeting lists ready to notify employees of cyber security threats.

  • Target email distribution groups

  • Target Active Directory groups targeting employee names and machine names

  • Create custom targeting groups for specific departments or regions

  • Maintain all employee information security distribution lists for accurate targeting

  • Capture staff mobile numbers and update active directory, exchange and all targeting lists


Effective Cyber Security Awareness Communication Tools

Having effective internal communication tools to keep employees informed is a must have to effectively communicate cyber security notifications.

Available Employee Cyber Security Awareness Communication Tools:

  • Email: Email is the most commonly used tool for cyber security communication. However the downside is that email has to be open at the time of this communication which often leads to employees learning of an cyber security threat before an email is ever read

  • Collaboration Tools: Similar to email these tools have to be open to effectively communicate a cyber security threat to an employee.

  • XComms: IT Security Managers will greatly improve overall cyber security readiness by engaging employees on occurring cyber security threats and offering tips on best practices and ensuring internal compliance with company policies with cut through communication tools including:

    • Desktop Pop-Up Alerts

    • Desktop Scrolling Headline Tickers

    • Screensaver Displays

    • Desktop Wallpaper Displays

    • Locked Screen Background displays


Best Cyber Security Awareness Templates For Improved

IT Security Awareness

Having ready to use information security communication templates is great in saving time and instantly communicating to employees.

Creating editable cyber security notification templates to instantly get the word out to all impacted employees is highly recommended and easy to do within the XComms Platform.

InfoSec Cyber Security Notification Template Examples:


Learn more about how XComms can help your organization send out cyber security awareness communications to employees.


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