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Best System Outage Notification Templates

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Whether you are sending an email System outage notification or using direct to screen messaging tools like desktop pop-up alerts or scrolling ticker alert software it is important to get the word out as fast and effectively as possible guaranteeing employee awareness so the IT Staff can get to work on resolving system outages.

System Outage Notification templates


​How To Effectively Communicating System Outages to Employees

Distributing IT system outage notification alerts should be fast, easy and far reaching.

In addition to what you are communicating equal thought has to be given to how you are sending an system outage communication.

Send System Outage Notifications to Employee Devices Best Practices

Cast a wide net and make sure to target every impacted employee device notifying staff of any System outage.

  • Send system outage notifications to employee desktops and laptop screens with an system outage alert notification

  • Send internal communication to common area screens notifying employees of system outages, downtimes and resolution ETA

  • Send employee notifications to all mobile devices communicating System outages to staff who are not at their desks or offsite

template to tell employees of system outage or downtime

Sending System Outage Notifications to Targeting Groups and Employee Distribution Groups

Have your targeting distribution lists prepared to notify employees of unplanned or planned outages.

  • Target email distribution groups with outage communications

  • Target Active Directory groups targeting employee names and machine names

  • Create custom targeting groups for specific departments or regions

  • Maintain all employee System outage distribution lists for accurate targeting

  • Capture staff mobile numbers and update active directory, exchange and all targeting lists

best system outage notification templates


Most Effective System Outage Communication Tools

Having effective internal communication tools to keep employees informed is a must have to effectively communication IT planned and unplanned system downtime and outages.

Available Employee Communication Tools: